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Spring Cleaning Tip No. 1 

Baseboard cleaning

Baseboards get a beating daily, but we don’t often think of cleaning them. I don’t clean them every week or even month, but every few months it’s nice to get them bright and white again.

I find scuffs from shoes to be the biggest culprit, and they can be hard to remove. The Magic Erasers do the trick, and I love the new version with the easy to hold handle! The erasers stick to the bottom, and the handle allows for nice, even pressure. The scuffs come right off!

Spring Cleaning Tip No. 2

Cleaning dish sponges

You know that yucky smell your dish sponges get after a while? I used to throw mine in the dishwasher occasionally to try to get rid of that stink, but it didn’t always work. I found this tip and it’s saved me from throwing them out as often.

Make sure to get the sponge nice and wet, (I love the Ocelo sponges) then and place it on a paper towel in the microwave (just in case there are any plastics in it that may melt). Also, make sure to include a microwave-safe container with some water inside, as this helps keep the emitter working properly.

Heating it the sponge for one minute gets rid of most of the bacteria and two minutes gets nearly all of it. And it comes out smelling as good as new! (Just be careful because it will be hot for a few minutes.)