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Welcome to Armando's Cleaning Service. My name is Armando Reyna, CEO of Armando's Cleaning Service. Here a little about me and my background. Growing up in San Angelo TX as a kid at the time I envisioned myself being is some type of business, wearing a suit, a tie and having a briefcase. Some what looking and feeling "important" and having a professional look. Graduating from High School I decided I wanted more out of life and for my future.  Therefore, was going to put myself through college, not to mention I was the first out of my family to graduated from High School and first to go to college. I didn't know exactly how I was going to do it, BUT I was determined I was going to make it happen. Make it happen meant to me walking across that stage to get my diploma. I knew what hard work was as a kid as I saw my mom and dad work tiredlesly to make provide for us and make ends meet. I enrolled myself to college part-time in Summer '81 at Angelo State University. At the time I had a full time job working in Quality Assurance for Johnson & Johnson and had two other part-time night jobs. I'm thinking I've got to balance all this and make it work so I can afford to further my education.  I spent many sleepless nights doing homework and studying for exams at all hours of the night. I must say it was a long 8 years, but 1989 I finally walked across that stage to receive my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Angelo State University. Graduating from college some unknown retail store offered my a job as a Training Assistant Store Manager. Never heard of the company and new nothing about them. The name of the company was called "Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.". At the time there were like 500 stores in about 6 states. I didn't know what a journey I was going to embark on and the opportunities that it provided me with during my almost 20 years with them. Here was a young poor boy growing up San Angelo not knowing how to speak English who graduated High School, Graduated from College and started as a Training Assistant Store Manager to work my up the ranks to District Manager for Wal-Mart Stores Vision Centers. Wal-Marts training and experiences have some what prepared me to open up my own business and see what I can do with it and how far I can take it. There are some things that will always be a part of who I am: 1. CUSTOMER SERVICE is #1, 2. EXCEED the Customers Expectations, 3. STRIVE for EXCELLENCE in every thing you do and 4. RESPECT for one another. I believe that those 4 key principals can be applied to any business today and Armando's Cleaning Service. I look forward to meeting you and servicing your home or business soon!

Thank you,

Armando Reyna, CEO

Armando's Cleaning Service

Dallas, TX